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My Mission Statement For My Love Cycle Saga

The purpose for my movies is to help people gain an understanding of the simple task that all our hearts want, and that is love. Love can come in many forms and as you get older you start to see different variations of it. Love Cycle is a saga of chapters that I've created as I started to understand love alot better. I tell a story one chapter at a time and I hope I make it easy to understand. I also want to have fun with my movies so love will not be the only thing I talk about, but it will be the one I go into detail with :) When love is done properly its a beautiful thing.


"Love is Blind, Love is Kind, Love is a Cycle, Love will only work if its done properly and at the right time." -Devin J Ricks

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“To stay or go, that is the question. When that simple revelation forefronts, there is a good chance we already know what needs to be done. Why is it that we allow emotion to cloud our judgment when the signs are more blinding than any illusion? Be sure to weigh out the odds prior before you carry on more than you’re willing to handle.” -Devin J. Ricks


The cycle continues with 3 unique scenarios that are tested in the compromise of delicate love affairs. Betrayal, chaos, loss and scandal leave the main characters dealing with the iceberg of their despair. As they struggle to find balance in their situations, certain wake up calls force them to make life changing decisions that could free them or keep them trapped in their situation forever.

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"Perception vs. Reality, Moving On vs. Learning How To Let Go; figuring out the balance between the two measures is a metaphysical obstacle that we all must learn how to master." -Devin J. Ricks


This is a love story that took a left turn before it even got started. Tasha Moore suddenly finds love from a mysterious charmer by the name of Michael Santana. Throughout their mild flame in the dynamics of cupid's arrow, Tasha learns that love has many faces and the unbalanced emotional security from Michael is more than what she bargained for.

Postponed Project!


This is a story about an undercover agent (Sophia Gomez) on a mission to capture, dead or alive, a serial killer named Diego Rivera. While she is on her mission, she gets an unexpected visit from her past which complicates things and makes the mission near impossible for her to finish. Moral to the story? Your past has a funny way of catching up with you.


As the saying goes "Blood is thicker than water." This is a story between two cousins that were best friends all of their lives. Throughout the story Trina (girl cousin) finds new love and Jason (the husband) starts to make his move. Montez (male cousin) feels throughout their marriage the husband is trying to get him out of the picture. While Jason does a good job getting rid of Montez and Trina on his side, Montez randomly finds a secret about Jason that he tries to reveal to his cousin by the end of this Love Cycle.


Jordan and Stefon's relationship has been rocky since their last days of school. Their relationship is known as a break up to make up relationship. They never know the next step in their relationship. Stefon takes other actions which he thinks will help him deal with his heartaching relationship with Jordan. Jordan finds help from her bestfriend (Brittany) which she thinks is the best answer. They break up for another time and not knowing at all it maybe to late to fix things. They slowly learn when love hurts it wont work. They both do things that they are sorry for, and are taking other steps that they arent use to in their Love Cycle. It may break them up for good or may fix their relationship afterall.

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