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Devin J. Ricks was born on June 3rd in Baltimore, Maryland. Devin graduated from Morgan State University, May of 2013, obtaining a Bachelor's of Science Degree In Broadcasting and Integrated Media/Video Production​. Devin has always been fascinated with the arts whether that was dealing with visual, graphic, and or media arts. He does a little bit of acting too. Devin has now mastered these elements and began testing out the visual art field at the young age of 6. He began tampering with the graphic arts side in his early days of high school and picked up the video aspect of art when he was just 12 years old. He became fond with editing, writing, directing, and producing his own film projects which are now housed under his self titled company "Devin J. Ricks Productions", which he has now brought into the entertainment business. Devin also has a media outlet titled "Dev TV!" which he specializes in media coverage along with alternative avenues for him to air his own content. He now has over 70 episodes of his online reality show titled “Dev TV!" (which shows a small reality of his life). "Dev TV!" recently explored new heights when Devin took "Dev TV!" to the 2017-2019 BET Hip Hop Awards which he covered the red carpet interviews. With that avenue peaking, he was able to take his media outlet nationally & internationally covering music festivals & events that bring eccentric culture to special communities. He also has a clothing line titled "No More Apologies" under his brand "The DJR Experience" which famous celebrities have worn and showcased his line. On his directing side, he has 3 independent films under his belt and is now working on his 4th film “Situations” under "The Love Cycle Saga" that will be streaming exclusively on "UrbanFlixTV!" Be on the lookout because the young mogul is on the rise and ready to inspire, motivate, and further out humanities. 

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