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Here is the section where you can find my contact information. Hope you all enjoyed the website! :) If you have any questions about prices, etc. send me an email below. I specialize in music videos, weddings, tutorials, reunions, commercials (direct, DP, edit) YOU NAME IT! My company also have outlets to photography and graphic designing professionals. We also have access to multiple classes of HD & 4-8K cinema cameras for special project quality specifications. Whatever you need, Devin J. Ricks Productions can deliver! Just type in your name, email address, subject, and a brief message and I will get back to you. Hope you all visit again soon! Take Care.

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Thank you for your inquiry, please give me up to 24 hrs to reply! Have a great day! :)

Refund Policy

We appreciate your business! :) Once you have booked "Devin J. Ricks Productions" for any of the above services listed, you have a flexible 24 hour window to re-arrange set dates, and or cancel orders purchased. If after the 24 hour window, you decide to change dates on set production dates, depending on the time frame you give us in advance, you maybe able to change dates without any inconvenience fees. The fee is subject to the discretion of the owner of the company (Devin J. Ricks). If after the 24 hour window, you decide to cancel services (after deposit has been made by the client) you will not receive a full refund. It will be up to the discretion of the owner if a partial refund will be given back to the client (depending how long the client decides to wait to cancel services). We at "Devin J. Ricks Productions" accommodate our calendars in advance to service our clients and late cancellations can conflict with other client's times & bookings. All deposits are non-refundable after the 24 hour flexibility window. The business will offer, however, a courtesy one-time "holding deposit," which means the deposit will serve as a credit to the client that can be used at anytime (for one year after signing). If multiple date changes occur by the client, then a fee maybe added to the bill. That fee number will be up to the discretion of the owner as well. We thank you for your business and appreciate you all for booking with "Devin J. Ricks Productions" for all of your creative and branding needs! Have a great day! :)

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